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“Happiness is the highest form of health.”
Dalai Lama

shift101 is an IT and Digital Wellness Consultation and Services company in the Philippines.

Digital Wellness or Digital Health are carried by shift101. Digital Health is technologies and devices that can help monitor and improve our health. While IT Solutions and Events are being handled by wecollab – shift101’s Business Solutions Division. wecollab offers Business, Mobile, Multimedia, and Web Solutions.


Start Young and Stay Young with shift101!


FREE use of Massage Chair and Elysyle Snow Cap

  • myTherapy for Body
  • myHeart
  • myBody

1 Capcule of Luxxe ImmunPlus/Protect or 1 Sachet of LX Yang


FREE use of Massage Chair and Elysyle Snow Cap

  • myTherapy for Body
  • myHeart
  • myBody
  • myTherapy Minimat

1 Capsule of Luxxe Slim or 5 Tablets of Spirulina


FREE use of Massage Chair and Elysyle Snow Cap

  • myTherapy for Face
  • myHeart
  • myBody

1 Capsule of Luxxe White or Sachet of El Marino Blanc (Collagen)


FREE use of Massage Chair and Elysyle Snow Cap

  • myTherapy for Body
  • myTherapy for Face
  • myHeart
  • myBody

1 Capsule of Luxxe Renew or Sachet of El Marino Blanc (Collagen)



A comprehensive body health and vital signs monitoring which includes an 8-in-1 Health Monitoring System – random blood sugar test, body weight, height, body mass index, plus vital signs (blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen level). Prevention is better than cure! Know your body condition today with myBody!



A Digital Heart Screening Device that uses ECG (Electrocardiogram) dispersion mapping that produces an image of the heart and an ECG register report. Know the condition of your heart in 10 minutes (must be interpreted by a Cardiologist). Prevent and fight heart disease sooner with myHeart!


myTherapy for Face

A complete on-the-go solution that helps to erase your imperfections anywhere, anytime. It is a breakthrough, 5 technologies in 1 revolutionary beauty device, infused with high purity germanium and precious mineral stones Massaging Head to naturally improve your skin from within. Erase your skin imperfections! Build your self-confidence with myTherapy for Face!


myTherapy for Body

A digital therapy device that uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy System to manage body pains and aids relaxation, promote body’s natural healing, boost body’s natural detoxification, maximize mental clarity and focus, and improves blood circulation. Relieve your body pain, reduce your stress, and regain your health! Recharge your life with myTherapy for Body!



A timely service that aims to promote health awareness, advocacies, nutrition, and information, provide health accessories and devices to adapt to the new normal. Prepare and be aware with myHealth!



Let’s share, help one another, find jobs, promote advocacies, save lives, and more because we all matter in myCommunity!



A combination of therapy to lose weight plus a fitness program and routine for you to be fit and healthy. Feel better and look better with myFitness!



A guide to making the right choices when it comes to insurance and investment. Secure your life with myLife! Consult via myCommunity!


wecollab IT Solutions

wecollab Team is formed by IT Professionals focusing on the fields of Business, Multimedia, Mobile, and Web Solutions. Our main objective is to have continuous IT innovations to offer better business solutions to clients.

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